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Just a little over a year ago, [ profile] dshael reported that [ profile] polgarawolf had posted a Doctor Who story on that contained text stolen from a variety of DW fan writers, including [ profile] dameruth, [ profile] cherryice, Joolz, and myself. On the theory that plagiarists are often repeat offenders, several of us went digging and discovered that a large number of her other stories (mostly Star Wars) contained bits plagiarized from many authors in many different fandoms, as well as passages from published novels.

It's a long, messy tale, and if you don't already know the details you can find them here, here, here, and here.

Briefly, Polgarawolf denied plagiarizing anything, complained on her LJ that her accusers were trolls and bullies, and deleted responses containing proof.  She also posted to the thread in [ profile] stop_plagiarism, threatening to sue for libel if the report on her wasn't removed.  (It wasn't and she didn't.)

Unfortunately, the mods on don't always respond to complaints.  The plagiarized stories remained up.

Today, I saw a bunch of comments on [ profile] fanficrants that the FFN mods had been deleting stories with summaries that were not G-rated.  I wondered if they'd been tending to other problems, and went to look.

Polgarawolf's FFN account is gone.  "User is no longer an active member."  My reaction is nicely expressed below:

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