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I don't think I mentioned it before, but
All the King's Horses was nominated (again) in the latest round of the Children of Time Awards.  This round, the categories are character-specific.  The New Who category is Donna stories only.  AtKH is in the "Multi-Chapter Fic" subcategory.  

For those of you who haven't read it, it's a long (26,600 word), plotty Ten and Donna friendship/adventure story, set on an alien world almost as old (and as stuffy) as Gallifrey.  Some people have been kind enough to say that it's episode-like.

Anyway... there are a lot of great authors and great stories over there.  The other categories feature the Brigadier, Sarah Jane Smith, and Dr. Owen Harper.  Voting deadline is October 31.  Go, read Good Stuff, and vote for the stories that please you.

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Valiant Tales -- the whole series -- has been nominated for Round 3 of the Children of Time Awards.  It's in multiple categories in "New Who": Other Characters, Genfic, and 'Verse/Series.

I am tickled pink, and grateful to my nominator.  Voting opens on or about May 5.  Stop by, discover some new stories, and vote for the ones you like.  (If you vote for me, that's okay.  If you want to.  Or something.)

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The winners for the Children of Time Awards have been announced.  I'm pleased to say that All the King's Horses was a runner-up in the Ten/Donna category.  Congratulations to all of the winners!  Thanks to those who nominated me and voted for me, and kudos to the hard-working people who pulled off this massive undertaking.
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I've received two more nominations for the Children of Time Awards.  Two stories from the Valiant Tales series have been added to the drabble category:

The Weapons Officer's Tale
The Medic's Tale

My sincere thanks to the readers who nominated me.  When I look at the site, I see so many great stories and fantastic authors that it's a privilege just to be listed on the same page.

Update: As
[profile] wendymr  pointed out, the rules don't allow an author to have two stories in one category.  I have emailed the Awards moderators, and  pointed out the mistake.

Second update: I chose "The Medic's Tale" as my one drabble entry.
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Color me surprised but delighted.  Some kind reader(s) nominated me in three categories for the next round of the Children of Time Awards.  I haven't been added to the site yet, but the categories are:

Favorite Author
Jack/Doctor: Clues and Choices
Ten/Donna: All the King's Horses

I'll probably start squeeing when it sinks in.  Right now, I'm just smiling, because this brightened what started as an annoying Monday morning.


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